The story behind the Hold & Go

Like most inventions, Hold & Go was created out of necessity.We have all been there; whether it is bringing our food to a potluck, party or holiday event, its always a challenge to transport your food from home to event. For me, it was taking food and drinks to share to a football tailgate. I always want to make the least amount of trips to the car, but I struggled to carry a hot slow cooker filled with food as well as my cooler at the same time. It was impossible without making a mess. I decided to design a slow cooker I could carry with ONE hand. It had to lock, just incase I got clumsy and why not have the handle hold the lid? The Hold & Go Slow Cooker was born!

 A little about the creator of Hold & Go

This is me, Gerald Beranek, and I am the creator and inventor of the Hold & Go Slow Cooker.  I am also a husband, father, entrepreneur, founder/owner of a manufacturing startup and a serial inventor of many other products.  As a mechanical & manufacturing engineer from the University of Iowa, my passion is in developing and manufacturing simple innovative products to solve those little annoyances that you encounter everyday in life. With 9+ years of product development and manufacturing experience and 4 products that were ready for the market I decided it was time to focus my time and energy on building a business around what I love to do.  In March 2014 my son, Levi, was born and I resigned my full time position to start BeraTek Industries.  Needless to say, 2014 was a very exciting year for my family and me! BeraTek makes it possible to share all of my products with you so you can enjoy the simplicity of my products in your life.   

A little about BeraTek Industries

BeraTek Industries is a USA based product design and manufacturing company dedicated to providing innovative solutions to simplify your life. We study people interacting with products and we identify opportunities for meaningful improvement. Our process of “challenging the status quo” when developing new products and our relentless attention to detail reveal the very best solutions for life’s everyday nuances. We believe in Made in the USA and we are committed to creating local jobs by keeping our manufacturing operations here in the US.