Kid Friendly Food Ideas for Camping

I love summer!


It’s Memorial Day weekend and I’m looking forward to a fun, sun filled 3-day weekend with the family! During extended holidays we love to grill and bbq. Here are a few fun ideas to try with the kiddos.

Food on a Stick!

Kids love to build their own dinner on a stick, o.k. so do grownups! Why not let them create their own masterpiece, you do the chopping and let them put them together! You never know what new combination you might come up with! Let them make their own perfect combination with veggies and/ or meats!

Grilled pizza! YUMMO!

You can’t go wrong with PIZZA. You can cut the crust into different shapes and sizes and decorated with all kinds of heathy toppings! I recently came across Flatout Thin Crust Flat Bread at our local grocery store and it worked perfect! My kids like bbq chicken, margherita  style or just plain cheese! The crust is perfect for using on your grill!

Mini burgers for the Littles

Small food is fun food and easier for the littles to hold. Use ground chicken, turkey, pork, beef or keep it veggie! Add cheese and other toppings such as onion strings to make them festive! There are a variety of tools available to make the perfect slider. Check out this mini burger press.

Chicken legs and Drumsticks

The perfect way to get the kids to eat their protein! There are countless ways to make them and they are pocket book friendly! You can’t go wrong with little drummies and they are ok so good with your favorite bbq sauce! My family loves the mild BBQ sauce from Two Fat Guys

Tried and True Camping Sweet…Banana Boats

Your kids will love to make these super easy but fun to make treats (and somewhat healthy!?).  You’ll need one unpeeled banana, a few toppings such as miniature marshmallows, M&Ms (or small chocolate of your choice) and optional a pinch of brown sugar.  Leaving the peel (skin) on your banana, make a lengthwise slice in your banana (don’t cut all the way through).  Place your sweets such as chocolates and marshmallows in the slit. If desired, sprinkle with brown sugar. Place banana with sweets into a piece of tin foil and wrap tightly (make sure to seal both ends). Plan on grill or campfire with seam side up for approximately 5-7 minutes. ENJOY!

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